Space Clowns brings two classic games from 1978 together, with an epic star warring story for you to enjoy.  This is a reimagined merger of Space Invaders and Clowns, both are beautiful masterpieces in their own right, but together they make something truly amazing.


Big Top Inc is an evil corporation, with even more sinister employees.  They need animals to work at their circus, so they are sending their Clown Troopers to enslave all of the inhabitants on the planet Nabooboo.  You must rise up, as the only elephant with an artillery license, the fate of the planet is up to you.


A to move Left, OR the Left Arrow key

D to move Right OR the Right Arrow key

Spacebar to Shoot

When enemy ships are destroyed they may damage each other while falling to the ground, which can help you by creating a chain reaction that destroys many enemies with a single shot.  You should be careful though, because falling ships can destroy you too.  It can be particularly challenging to avoid a large wave of falling ships, so be sure that your combos do not get too out of hand.  Destroy all of the enemy ships to move onto the next wave, rack up a high score and you can even enjoy the bonus song in the game when you get on the Top Five Online Leaderboard!

Dev Team:

Philip Engesser - Lead Programmer

John Engesser - Lead Artist

James Engesser - Vocalist

Thomas Engesser - Composer

We are Noble Bros!

Each of us took roughly three hours on each section of the Triple TriJam, and from brainstorming to development it was all a blast for us to work on.  Philip does think that he worked on the game for more than three hours while making the last build of the game, and we are cool if that takes us out of the competition.  We hope that you have as much fun playing the game as we did developing it.

No external assets were used in this game, and it was made with Unity.

Themes Used

Chain Reaction

Negative Feedback Loop

Novel Twist on Classic Game

Diversifiers Used

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